Our consulting arm offers marketing/public relations as well as strategy services to medium, small scale businesses/companies and even individuals. These services include:

  • Public relations/marketing consulting
  • Corporate publications planning and production
  • Brand management
  • Strategy

We are good at helping you define your business, so get in touch today for any help with the above marketing needs.

We are currently the marketing/public relations consultant for the Afro Business Expo taking place this year in London and Ches Moulton, one of the UK’s leading executive coaches.

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The Afro Business Expo is a conference where UK investors and international development trusts seek for genuine public and private partnership opportunities in Africa.

For more information about the expo, please visit and you can contact us on +44 (0)7984 187008 or email


Our latest client, Ches Moulton specialises in working with executives who want to manage their stress and enhance their relationships.

He is the author of the international best seller Choice & Change – How to have a healthy relationship with ourself and others.

Working internationally since 1994, Ches has successfully raised awareness to executives of the need to modify their thoughts, emotions and behaviour related to people, places and things that impact them on a daily basis.

If you are interested in any of Ches Moulton's training programmes, please contact us at or call +44 (0)7984 187008.

For more information about Ches Moulton, you can visit his website via



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